My First Speech Project – Ice Breaker

14 Oct

My First Speech Project – Ice Breaker.

“Mr. (or Madam) Toastmaster, Fellow members and guests…..

I am the most fortunate and luckiest than my ancestor . In fact my generation is fortunate than older generation.  I am the first generation in my family who born in Independent India. Most of you know, we were under foreign rule for more than 1000 years. I am the first generation in my family who completed the schooling. I am the first generation in my family who ever visited any foreign country.

Before telling about me , let me explain what my grandfather and father did for their living. So that you can get to know how fortunate I am.

Most of you know, InIndiawe have Caste system. Means profession are decided on the birth. My professional for my caste  is creating sculpture,  We had been doing  this as a profession till my grandfather.

My Grand father made his living by creating Sculpture, mostly Hindu GOD  in temple. He was involved in many temple building projects.  Throughout his life he suffered to lot to earn money and he couldn’t earn enough to feed his family.

Creating sculpture was the very high paying job inIndiaduring monarchy. . During British rule and after right after Independent India , there was not any encouragement/requirement  on building new temple, so he hardly get 50-100 days work per year.

My grandmother insisted him to change his profession, but somehow he was not interested in any other professional  and simply stayed home and doing something in stone in home without doing anything. It was my grandmother run the family by selling Milk. We had 2/3 cows that time.

One day, my father was doing something with my grandfather instrument. By seeing that, my grandpa got very sad and Cried. Right Next day, he collected all his instrument , and palm leave books which talk about creating statue which he got from his forefather, 10 and 100 generation ​old skills.. He went to the river which is right behind to our house… and thrower all the stuff by saying no one of his family should follow his profession.

After couple of month, went to death bed and eventually died in few months. Then my father was forced to stop his school and joined helper in retail shop. He was 14, 15 years old boy. His work was buying tea, coffee to owner and other staff.  He told once that if he saw his friends who were going to school, he used to hide somewhere and wait till they crossed the street then go to the store.

Mean time he studied typewriting and shortened. He then got a job as typist in state government and now he worked there till 4 years back then retained from that job and enjoying the life.

Now about me:​

I was born and brought up in very small village inSouth India. I am the first son of my parents. I have a brother; He is also working as a software engineer

I was not much interested in studying but wanted to find job soon. I just wanted to be a electrician/TV repair mechanic and i started earning money in my school days itself. My family was in very big financial trouble in that time. But when I gave money to my father, he was not happy and he gave it back to me..He said, he wanted to me to study well instead of start earning. He told me once that computer in my generation is typewriter of his generation. So I did my bachler degree in Physics and master in computer application.


I’ve worked for various company. ​Now I am working a software engineer in cognizant tech solutions. Married. Wife name is Raji. Have a 3 year old daughter , her Name is Roshini.

Till i get job we were staying in house which created using

Coconut leaves as a roofing material .Now I got built a very big house for my parents.


Again I am the luckiest person than my forefathers. I am living in the life which couldn’t be  imagined my father/grandfaterh.  I got a chance to explore the world and get the financial independence .

Thanks you.


One Response to “My First Speech Project – Ice Breaker”

  1. Murali November 22, 2011 at 6:05 pm #

    Very Nice !

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