My second speach- Moving out of comfort zone

14 Oct

Why I am here.. Why I have joined Toastmaster?

Mr Toastmaster, Fellow members & Guests!!

I am the person who always wanted to be in comfort zone. I never ever tried to  gave public speech.  Not even my Ist language.

The 2 incident which happened very recently forced me to rethink and stretch myself to move out of my comfort zone.

The first Incident which happened year before. When I came to US, We had a team meeting and suddenly my manager called me and asked to introduce myself to the team of 50 people. I was not expected that and surprised. That was the fist time I was seeing all those people.  I went to near him and said “I am Selvakumar and..”  Suddenly my mind went blank and my tongue got locked.., I couldn’t utter anything. Then somehow I managed and finished my introduction. . I felt very bad

That day I realized how important public speaking is.

The second incident..

Other than public speaking, Here in US, I am very much fear of driving in Highways. I have never driven a car andIndia.  After came here, I realized it would be very difficult to survive without a car.  So, I decided to learn driving. Joined toABCDrivingSchoolthey charged my $350 and gave 5 hours driving practice and I got course completion certificate. I gave to DMV AND got a license.

Since, I’ven’t done enough practice, I was not much confidence on driving.  So I avoided driving in Highways, driving in night time and rainy days.

On my daughter Roshini’s birthday, we decided to go toPhoenix Zoo. That was the very first time, i was driving highway. After enjoying in Zoo, we started heading home around 9PM.  While coming back there was rain and my car windshield fog up so badly. I couldn’t see anything in front of my car and I slow down my car and someone honked couple of times and I got panicked.   My wife also got panicked; even I forgot to switch on defroster. Then somehow I took exit and waited some time and called my friends to figure it out how to clean up and reached home safely.

Then, I realized how risk it is being in comfort zone and I wanted move out of the zone in all spectrum of my life.

Researchers are saying 10,000 hours of deliberate practice make anyone expert in any of the filed and there is no significant for talent

So , What is deliberated practice…

First, It should be designed specifically to improve performance

Second, Feedback on results should available continuously and immediately.

What we generally doing at work is directly opposed to the first principle. It isn’t designed to make us better at anything. Most of  time we are doing what we are very good at… the feedback also not available immediately.

But what we are doing in Toastmaster is very opt example, it is well designed to improve our performance .., , and continues  feedback is available immediately .

We need to decide, what we want to be and find out where we are now. We need to identify the list of skills required to be expert.

Need to create the plan that will put our self into stretch job . The plan shouldn’t be so easy that would be boring and shouldn’t be much complicated which lead frustration.

Achievement is a process of continually stretching our self beyond prior limitations.

Finally, when we refuse to leave your comfort zone it will quickly become our prison.

Joining toastmaster is my first step of moving out of comfort zone.


3 Responses to “My second speach- Moving out of comfort zone”

  1. Eric April 26, 2012 at 3:43 am #

    Great speech and great topic. I just gave my icebreaker, titled ‘Stretching’. I also am trying to get out of my comfort zone. Congrats on your second speech!

    • selvakumarvr April 26, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

      Thanks a lot for your comment. If you can , share your icebreaker speech to me.. thanks

  2. shanmohan February 9, 2014 at 4:09 am #

    I am sure it would have been a very inspirational speech as i felt so when i was reading the script. Thanks for sharing.

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