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My 3rd speech – What is your story..

21 Nov

There is well known proverb “History repeats itself”.

It means, we should learn lesson from our past history and shouldn’t repeat the blunders again and over again.

Toastmaster,  Fellow members and guests, I strongly believe,  Story can be used to transfer culture, past experience to one generation to next.

Story can also be used to remember our past experience and shouldn’t repeat the same  mistakes again and again. The fact ,information data is freely available, It is the story of personal experience is missing.

Here are some stories which I enjoyed and shaped my life..

I still remember the golden old days. We didn’t have a TV in our home, nor any home in our streets. Even sunday morning 9AM, we used to go to next street to watch TV.  In those days, only rich peple had a TV. Mostly they won’t allow all children to enter their home but they generously open the window , so people from outside can watch their TV.  That crowd was to watch Ramayanam seriel . We had been doing this for 2.3 years..After came home i used to discuss with my grandma .

Thought the Ramayana story is too big and went around 300 episodes. the story line is simple. “RAM,  a hero and believed to be a GOD avatar had to go to forest for 14 years where his wife was abducted by Ravan, a demon king. The story is all about how RAM rescued SITA by killing RAVAN.

That story almost thought all about my religion and culture. It was because of that story , i become attach to my religion and culture and ram became my idle hero..

My grandma told stories almost daily.

One day , my uncle was in death bed, we went to hospital to meet his. After came home , my gradma told about my uncle story..He explained how my uncle was enjoyed his life and how he came this stage. She believed, it was his alholic addict was the reason for his then condition. She narrated in such a way that  he was very good man and somehow he got the alholic habit and addicted into it..  so i started to believe, that if i started drink the furst cup , i would be addicted and i can’t stop drinking. During my college days, whenever i got a chance to drink that story came to my my mind and stop drinking the first cup.

My grandma told her story about how she was so dubted and peple who lend money came to home daily.. she also rememebed the worst day when 10 people came to her home on same time.

She also gave advice to avoid borrow money.. even if it was very urgent get top money from 1 person instead of getting small money from 10 different people. Because even we couldn’t pay ont ime, we no need to convenence 10 people.. I tried to follow some of her advice.. but after i cam here.. I was asked to pay deposit whereever i go as i didn’t have a credit card , so i bought a secure card to build credit history.

there are so many stores helped me.

In a book ” The whole new mind” auther Dainies pink explain 6 necessary aptitude for conceptual age.  Story is one of the required aptutde and he explained that in details.

I am trying to remember and write down all the stories i have heared and my personal experience to tell my daughter. so what is your story?