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Spiritual Fitness

19 Mar


Any Guess, What did i do now? Yoga? No. This is the way , we pray our Elephant Face God.. Looks funny..

Mr. Toastmaster, Fellow members and Guests..

Every Individual is unique in character.  As like Individual, as a country, every country has some unique character and without that that country can’t live with.

I would say, forAmericathat may be Capitalism and It French it may be Socialism. In my country, the unique is spiritualism. Spiritualism is not just part of life in Easter Philosophy but it is way of life. Everything from Marriage, parenting, economy and fitness is one or other way mixed with religious belief. Today I am going to talk about how Fitness is mixed with Religious belief.

InIndia, wherever you see a mountain you can see temple in top of that. It was built there for that reason that people go there to pray a God and they will be healthy and they are doing hiking. But now the intention was subverted and government build road to reach there easy..

Even some of the mountains are considered sacred and people walk around the mountain. As per Hindu belief, circle around the God statue is more sacred.  If you go the full moon night, you can see thousands of people walk around the mountain.

My grandfather used to say he was healthy only because he was visiting temple daily. Let me explain what he does in temple. You will get to know why he is healthy. There are at lest 10 big temple in my town which was built at lest 1500 years ago and the temple are so strong even now. My grandfather used to visit temple after praying he walk around the temple that would be around 1 mile.  He used walk 3 times.  In temple, there are around 12/15 Gods.  Each time he see the God he used to do like this..

When I was studying school, I used to go to temple with my Mom. She used to pray the God and walking like this. Feet/by Feet and she advised me to do on Exam day, so that I will get good score on Exam…. Walking like this won’t make u tired but it take much time…believe me that worked. Instead of hitting books on that day, I spent walking around temple feet by feet and it gave relaxation.

You may heard about the symbol Ohm.. Some people asked me what is the meaning and I heard many meaning on that. But I believe, Saying Ohm is very good breathing exercise…You can’t just say ohm.. It should be said like. One of my uncle is Atheist and he never go to temple but he used to say ohm daily as a breathing exercise…

My uncle though me how to pray sun God when I was studying and I have been doing from then. Let me demonstrate you how to do that…

I use to do like this 24 times daily.

In my childhood, I followed all these habits… But I started rebelling my teen age by asking so many questions. But now I am thinking, if it is good for health why can’t just do without thinking about god after all I am not losing anything.


God is too big to fit into one religion

6 Mar

Mr, Toastmaster, fellow members and guests,

Do you think,  by just changing the religion one can achieve wealthiness? Do you think Religion is the reason for wealthiness of America and other western countries?

I was told in my school that there were true. I was constantly told in my school days  that the religion which i am following now was not true and not real.

Let me share some of my experience with you.

I have studied in St.Joseph school in my town. In my town, most of the schools are owned my religious missionaries. When I was studying 4th standard, My teacher was taking religious class..She was asking to everyone “Which God will you call if you were in big trouble”…Most of us told some gods name..I told 2 ,3 Gods name.. Suddenly she asked , “What if you God ignore you by thinking some other God will save you as you are following many God”..I didn’t have answer.. I was worried.. I went to home and asked my Dad.. Why were we having so many God.. Why don’t we have single God as some of my friends.. He replied something like.. “if some God is busy with Helping others, other God will save you”..

After completing my studies, I got a Job in Bangalore. I was staying with My friend who is Dentist. In Bangalore, In 2005,  I witnessed mass religious event named “Pray for India” by American evangelist, “Mr Benny Hinn”.   My friend forced me to attend that function. It happened in Jakkkur Airfield, Indian Air Force training center.. More than million people attended that function.  He gave a big inspiration speech and everyone was so enthusiastic. I’ve never seen such a big crowd in my life. Indian government donated that place for him for that function.  After his meeting, 100s of peoples who were told sick and handicapped came to the stage .After some speech and his touching they told that everyone got cured.. My friend was asking to me ” See how powerful he was? Do you want to meet him?” I said What?   A person who had completed 5 years to get his medical degree believing those things what would be the status of the crore of people who don’t even know how to write their name?

Religious violence are so common in my country and my town. Some years back there was a big religious violence happened and more people got killed, religious places were destroyed. Government setup a Panel with 5 judges to analyze the issue. The analyzed and created report saying that religious conversion was the root cause of that violence and that panel recommended to ban ‘Forced religious conversion”. Government imposed law to ban forced conversion.. But all schools, hospital stop functioning and government was forced to withdraw the law..

I strongly believe, there more than 1 way to reach God. Hinduism not just tolerate other religion and it fully accepts all other religions are true.. all other Gods are true.

I personally believe, changing religion is not required as all religion is teaching same good value. but in Democratic society choosing whatever religion is human right.. but no one should you social, health and ecnomical status and ignorance as a tool to convert other people.

Why should one religion try to eliminate other ? . We all must realize that God is too big to fit into one religion.”

10 hours power outage!

6 Mar

Mr Toastmaster, Fellow members and Guests,.

Can you imagine a day without electricity for 10 hours daily?  You may be reason for this power outage in my country!!!!

My parents are living in small town in India. My father is retired government servant and my mother is a house wife. They are over 60 ages now. Daily they getup 5 AM morning and have to finish all work by 6.30. So do most people..

They have all the electric items like TV, fridge, AC, washing machine.. But they are not using..

It is not because not they don’t want.. But they can’t use as there is daily 10 hours of power cut

Can you imagine no power for 10 hours daily.. I talk to my parents daily and when I said there is no power outage here. They surprised. They couldn’t believe there is place without power outage.

The reason is increase of power consumption. Indian middle class who can afford AC, TV is around 350 million.. .

But some of the blames should go to some so called Foreign and local  Non Government organization and non profit organizations  “ NGOs” who always stall the development work.

Let me take the current example which is happening in my state..

.In my state, there is a nuclear power plant which government invested more than 15,000  crores and ready to operate. But it is getting delaying for more than a year due to agitation against nuclear power plant organized by some foreign funded NGOs. People got paid to support the agitation.

The NGOs convinced all poor people around that the starting nuclear power plant will kill there generation though no other country is using nuclear power.

Government is so fed up and tried to find the source of agitation and they find all the money come form US, UK and other European countries.

Government tracked and findout around 70 NGOs who is getting huge money US, UK and eropian countries for this agitation. And also there more than 1000 NGOs who is getting money more than 5 corrors per year.

This is just an  example.. Samething is happening rare metrial mining and dam construction project. The local and foreing based NGOs are no longer concerned about engineering creative solutions to problems. Their only focus these days is to stall development work.

Some of the NGO really wants more poverty and illiteracy to attract foreign funds.. NGOs don’t want any development and  real development in the country would leave many NGOs in INDIA without work. Because, if these NGOs do not have a ‘marketable cause’ like poverty and illiteracy that can’t attract foreign funds, they will be left dry.Believe me , some NGOs wants natural desaster.. i know some workers of foreign based Non government organization who bought a new house after tsunami.There are NGOs that are doing excellent work and have been partnering the Government invarious development projects. But many others are iengaged in fraud anti national and foreign interest activities in poor and developing countries.

So be cautious while donating your hard earned money, your donation may cause poweroutage in my state..