10 hours power outage!

6 Mar

Mr Toastmaster, Fellow members and Guests,.

Can you imagine a day without electricity for 10 hours daily?  You may be reason for this power outage in my country!!!!

My parents are living in small town in India. My father is retired government servant and my mother is a house wife. They are over 60 ages now. Daily they getup 5 AM morning and have to finish all work by 6.30. So do most people..

They have all the electric items like TV, fridge, AC, washing machine.. But they are not using..

It is not because not they don’t want.. But they can’t use as there is daily 10 hours of power cut

Can you imagine no power for 10 hours daily.. I talk to my parents daily and when I said there is no power outage here. They surprised. They couldn’t believe there is place without power outage.

The reason is increase of power consumption. Indian middle class who can afford AC, TV is around 350 million.. .

But some of the blames should go to some so called Foreign and local  Non Government organization and non profit organizations  “ NGOs” who always stall the development work.

Let me take the current example which is happening in my state..

.In my state, there is a nuclear power plant which government invested more than 15,000  crores and ready to operate. But it is getting delaying for more than a year due to agitation against nuclear power plant organized by some foreign funded NGOs. People got paid to support the agitation.

The NGOs convinced all poor people around that the starting nuclear power plant will kill there generation though no other country is using nuclear power.

Government is so fed up and tried to find the source of agitation and they find all the money come form US, UK and other European countries.

Government tracked and findout around 70 NGOs who is getting huge money US, UK and eropian countries for this agitation. And also there more than 1000 NGOs who is getting money more than 5 corrors per year.

This is just an  example.. Samething is happening rare metrial mining and dam construction project. The local and foreing based NGOs are no longer concerned about engineering creative solutions to problems. Their only focus these days is to stall development work.

Some of the NGO really wants more poverty and illiteracy to attract foreign funds.. NGOs don’t want any development and  real development in the country would leave many NGOs in INDIA without work. Because, if these NGOs do not have a ‘marketable cause’ like poverty and illiteracy that can’t attract foreign funds, they will be left dry.Believe me , some NGOs wants natural desaster.. i know some workers of foreign based Non government organization who bought a new house after tsunami.There are NGOs that are doing excellent work and have been partnering the Government invarious development projects. But many others are iengaged in fraud anti national and foreign interest activities in poor and developing countries.

So be cautious while donating your hard earned money, your donation may cause poweroutage in my state..


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