God is too big to fit into one religion

6 Mar

Mr, Toastmaster, fellow members and guests,

Do you think,  by just changing the religion one can achieve wealthiness? Do you think Religion is the reason for wealthiness of America and other western countries?

I was told in my school that there were true. I was constantly told in my school days  that the religion which i am following now was not true and not real.

Let me share some of my experience with you.

I have studied in St.Joseph school in my town. In my town, most of the schools are owned my religious missionaries. When I was studying 4th standard, My teacher was taking religious class..She was asking to everyone “Which God will you call if you were in big trouble”…Most of us told some gods name..I told 2 ,3 Gods name.. Suddenly she asked , “What if you God ignore you by thinking some other God will save you as you are following many God”..I didn’t have answer.. I was worried.. I went to home and asked my Dad.. Why were we having so many God.. Why don’t we have single God as some of my friends.. He replied something like.. “if some God is busy with Helping others, other God will save you”..

After completing my studies, I got a Job in Bangalore. I was staying with My friend who is Dentist. In Bangalore, In 2005,  I witnessed mass religious event named “Pray for India” by American evangelist, “Mr Benny Hinn”.   My friend forced me to attend that function. It happened in Jakkkur Airfield, Indian Air Force training center.. More than million people attended that function.  He gave a big inspiration speech and everyone was so enthusiastic. I’ve never seen such a big crowd in my life. Indian government donated that place for him for that function.  After his meeting, 100s of peoples who were told sick and handicapped came to the stage .After some speech and his touching they told that everyone got cured.. My friend was asking to me ” See how powerful he was? Do you want to meet him?” I said What?   A person who had completed 5 years to get his medical degree believing those things what would be the status of the crore of people who don’t even know how to write their name?

Religious violence are so common in my country and my town. Some years back there was a big religious violence happened and more people got killed, religious places were destroyed. Government setup a Panel with 5 judges to analyze the issue. The analyzed and created report saying that religious conversion was the root cause of that violence and that panel recommended to ban ‘Forced religious conversion”. Government imposed law to ban forced conversion.. But all schools, hospital stop functioning and government was forced to withdraw the law..

I strongly believe, there more than 1 way to reach God. Hinduism not just tolerate other religion and it fully accepts all other religions are true.. all other Gods are true.

I personally believe, changing religion is not required as all religion is teaching same good value. but in Democratic society choosing whatever religion is human right.. but no one should you social, health and ecnomical status and ignorance as a tool to convert other people.

Why should one religion try to eliminate other ? . We all must realize that God is too big to fit into one religion.”


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