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Together Forever!

8 May

Together Forever!

Mr, Toastmaster, fellow members and guests..

First Slide: Marriage In India.

It looks funny if I tell my parents chosed  my wife for me. Not only that, more than 90% of marriage are arranged by parents in india… Believe me, my parents spend 2  years to find “sutiable” girl for me!..

Today I am going to talk what is marriage in India  I married with most beautiful, intelligent, caring and loving women.. thanks to my parents.. if I were to choose or love some one to get marry, i wouldn’t get marrry till now..

Today I am going to show the steps involved in Marriage in India ..

Horoscope: Phase 1

Any guest what is this? This is a  Horoscope which was created based on time of my birth.. birth location..

Believe me this is the main factor to decide your partner in India..  The time I was born, even the very second plays a role in wedding. If I could have been born a few minutes earlier or later, i may not married to the same person as the horoscope may not match.

Matching horoscope

Matching bride and groom horoscope is essential in arrange marriage.

It is very big industry in india.. there are lot of software available now.. There are 10 matching .. To get married atlest 8 out of 10 should match.. but some of the match are fatal..if that doesn’t maatch, no marriage.. We can compare this as DMV test.. some of the error are fatal . I  you do that , you wont be getting licence..I have good expericne on this as i failed 2 times in driving test in Connecticut!

Though I am not beliving horscope, i had to follow because of my parents wanted..


Generelly there is saying,  Indians wont’ spend much.. but that won’t fit for Marriage..For marriage poeple will spend like anything. Indian marriage industry is estimated worth of Rs 1,25,000 crore (Rs 1,250 billion) the Indian wedding industry is getting bigger and fatter

Marriage is biggest festivals..Weddings are always a happy thing, they are crowded, colorful, and yummy, In  My marriage more than

2000 people are invited.. very big hall. We arranged breakfast lunch dinner for all for 2 days..

Holy fire & Marriage vows:

On marriage day,The bride and groom are seated in front of a holy fire and the priest recites various religious sayings from the Holy scriptures.

Groom tie the knot to bride.. It is a sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by women as a symbol of their marriage.

After then, the couple walks around the fire four times exchanging vows of duty and love, respect and a fruitful union. According to the Hindu religion, fire is considered the sustainer of life

Marriage vows go like this..”We shall share love, share the same food, share our strengths, share the same tastes. We shall be of one mind, . I shall be the Samaveda, you the Rigveda, I shall be the Upper World, you the Earth; “

How it works?

I am not going to talk about advantage of this kind of arriage marriage or love marriage but the concept behind this..

1, You can love anyone and can stay together

2, It is not chemistry, but commitment to stay together make the marriage lif longer and happier

   My parents s are north vs south pole  .. they wouldn’t get married if they need to love.. but they married start their life iwht fighting and misunderstanding.. but they are fully commited to be together.. after the priod of time the love start increasing.. now around 40 years of married life.. they are made for each other.. they can’t stay apart. My mom is interested to visit US.. but my father not.. When I invited them to come US and visit this placne..but my mom denied and said , she can’t stay without my dad..

I think,that we are the last generation of people whose marriages are arranged by parents in India. In few decades this system will be antique, and our weddings will be stories of fascination.

On the other side, the world has sophisticated so much where wedding is a subject of choice. You get to choose the person, gender of your wedding. Even better you have the choice tonot marry at all, So we are also moving to the world..

The two different worlds before me are obvious; and I always feel like I am “IN BETWEEN”.  Ilove both the worlds equally, to ignore one for the other.

Fainllly,  marriage is a gamble and the key to a successful one is faith, keep believing that youhave the best hand.