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Why were we defeated?

4 Jun

Mr. Toastmaster, fellow members and Guests,

I am the first generation in my family who born in Independent India.  We were under foreign rule for around 800 years. The one question which keeps bugging me was why such a big country was under foreign occupation?

To understand this, we need to go back 800 years ago when the first foreign invasion happened.

Prithviraj was the king who ruled Delhi, and northern part of India on late 12th century, 800 years ago. He had a love with the girl Samyuka who is daughter of neighborhood king Jai Rathod. Jai and Prithivraj were rivals but Samyukta eloped with Prithivraj. This incident led to a rift between the two kingdoms. That was the situation in India.

In that time, Muhammad Ghori, an Afghan king, leading an army of 100,000 men, invaded India through the Khyber Pass and was successfully reached Delhi.  Mohammad Ghori army was so motivated to expand religious through out the world. Hearing this Prithviraj got angry and requested support from all neighborhood kings. But Raja Jai Rathod denied support for him. Prithvraj confronted Ghori with very big army of 100,000 solders, they both fought and it was very tuff fight between the two armies. Suddenly there was a screaming and all the soldiers of Ghori army ran out the battle field.  Yes. Prithivraj introduced his powerful game changer army unit; elephant cavalry contains 3000 war elephants.  Elephants were running fast and just smashed the Ghori armies. Most of the horses and horsemen got killed.  Ghori army was seeing elephant first time and they thought elephant were evil creature and ran out of the battlefield. Pritviraj won the battle and arrested Ghori as a prisoner.

Ghori was presented in front of Prithviraj.  Ghori begged for mercy and release. Prithviraj, who was renowned for his sense of honor, respectfully released Ghori against the advice of his ministers.

Ghori rode toAfghanistan, and then returned to India with much stronger army. Again he got defeated. He came again and again and got defected for 16 times. On 17th time, Ghori got support from Prithvraj rival Jai Rathod and they both attached Prithviraj Army.

Both armies were fighting. In between the fight, Ghori has sent peace agreement and asking release for all the captured soldiers in both sides. After this Pritvraj army was so relaxed, and they wanted peace after continues fighting. In that time, mid night, knowing the fact that Indian never fought war in night time . Ghori army started attacking and he could sneak the town and started killing innocent civilians.

Ghori divided his troops into five parts and attacked in the midnight, sending waves of mounted archers to confront elephant army. Prithvraj got very angry and he led he army and decided to kill Ghori this time but that was too late. He was surrounded with Ghori’s Army.  First his horse got killed.. Prithvraj got attached from backside and he was collapsed. .Ghori army captured Prithviraj .

Ghori ordered his soldiers to loot the country and destroy the entire palace and other religious places. They started killing civilians. Ghori heard about the beauty of the queen, Samuktha and he wanted to abduct her. Hearing this news of defeat, Sanyuktha and other ladies in the palace committed suicide by throwing themselves in holy fire.

Mohammad Ghori took the captured Prithviraj back with him to Ghazni, his capital in Afghan,as a prisoner.  Prithiviraj was presented before Muhammad where he looked Ghori straight into the eye. Ghori ordered him to lower his eyes,/ whereupon a Prithiviraj told him he wanted to be treated how he had treated Ghori as a prisoner. On hearing this, Ghori got angry and ordered that Prithviraj’s eyes be burnt with red hot iron rods yes.. that was being done , Prithviraj  became blind. Prithviraj wanted to die but he was regularly brought to the court and humiliated  by Ghori and his ministers. He want to take revenge..

He got an opportunity when Ghori announced a game of Archery .Prithviraj, who was then at court said he would also like to participate.. On hearing his request,, the everyone laughted on him and as he couldn’t see the things. But Prithvi raj said , he have skills to hit the target by just hearing the sounds where it is come from …The game started.Bellrang and Prithviraj targeted the object where the sound came from. By seeing this , Ghori got surprised and said, warewah, sabash..Immedlity Prithiviraj turned the direction where the Ghori sound came from  and struck Ghori neck with his arrow. To avoid further humiliation at the hands of his army, Prithviraj cut his neck using one of the arrow and committed suicide.

That was end of the story..The defeat of Prithviraj also marked the end of Indian rule inDelhi. From then on, until the Indian republic was formed in 1947,Delhiwas dominated by foreign rulers.

Yes. We were defeated. We didn’t loose to foreign invaders because we were inferior. We lost because we were so civilized and we fought the war based on set of war rules which we framed. But when the opposition barbarian army attached us without any rule than just killing innocents and expanding their religion, we had difficulties to understand and handle them and we lost.