Eureka Moment

24 Sep

Madam Toastmaster, fellow members and guest,
What is your very first creative moment, aha moment, eureka moment you remember?Tonight I am going to talk about my first eureka moment in my life which I felt I achieved something..

When I was 12 year old, i was studying 7th grade, during my summer vacation, one of my friend joined 1 month crash course where they thought ‘how to repair Radio’. I was very much interested to join that course.. When I asked my father, he denied saying that he can’t pay the fees.  Then somehow I convinced him and joined that course. I learned the basic electronics for a Month.  After that, I decided to build my own radio as we didn’t have radio in our home. My grandmother sponsor money and I bought all the small things required to build radio. It cam be around 150 rupees which is around $3. I almost worked for month in soldering and assembling each part. Finally,  After a month of great struggle, when i heard the first voice came from the radio which I built, I was so happy and didn’t have the words to tell how much happy i was.. .. That was the first Eureka moment i felt first time in my life.. Not only me, my entire family very happy. My grand mother called almost all the neighbors to show the radio… Though I was not invented anything new and i just follow the instruction and build the Radio. Somehow I felt I have done something worthwhile and I showed all my friends.
I spent enormous amount of time and as much money required to buy new radio in shop. But i felt something special about that .and I used to listen Radio more. Still my parents are using the Radio which I created.

After that, I was quit popular in my school as “Radio Mechanic”. My friends and relatives asked me to built radio for them .Every time when I built something .. I felt very happy and felt Aha moment..

Believe me the Smartphone which i have purchased never gave the happy than the less than $3 worth Radio which I created.When my 5 year old dauguther wanted to use computer to play game. I want to give some tool which she can use and do something creatilvy.  As a electronics geek, I bought a this mini computer chip, Name of this chip is Raspberry PI. It is just $25. .  I installed Linux operating system  in the card and insert the card in this chip. We connected connect monitor, keyboard, mouse and power cable and it works perfectly. I connected internet and installed some games and gave it to my daughter.. It is not as much powerful as apple or windows laptop and it gave the  happiness of building my own computer and I started using this more than my powerful laptop..

I want to my daughter use this half packed product and use her skill and give better result. Yes,, When I though how to use computer to my daughter  and I said computer is in every field and doing all the work.. Without thinking further, she asked. Dad, do this computer feed my cat and fish. :).  I didn’t expect that question.. Then, I said yes. it will if we guide how to do that.. We started project…

By using this Cardboard, ultrasonic sensor to find distance between object and this small motor we built a pet feeder which open close when the cat came close by..

My daughter is very happy as her computer can feed her Cat. She started showing this to all her friend and she was very happy because this was her idea to feed cat.. I saw she exited lot and see the eureka moment in her eyes.. We also did change to feed fish daily and we don’t need to worry about the fish if we were out for vacation.

We need to create things, When we don’t create things just using things created by other, we become defined by out tastes rather than ability.. I strongly believe, ability is much more important than taste…

Finally this my 10th speech, Never in my life I imaged i can come up with something original in writing.. In last 10 speeches, whenever i complete writing speeches, I felt the eureka moment and had a feeling I achieved something. So create something new, hack something, write something   and feel the Eureka moment…


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