The Last Train

5 Nov

About 60 years ago, in 1947, August 14th, thousands of people were waiting in the Railway station in Lahore, Pakistan. They are crying and screaming. They all look so afraid.. The situations there were really so wired.. They all were waiting for the last train. Who were they? Why are they waiting for the train?

Mr. Toastmaster, fellow members and Guests,

It was the day my country split into two parts and two countries were founded on the basis of religion. Pakistan as an Islamic state and India as secular one. The next day would be the freedom of my country from 350 years of British presence. It should be the happy moment.. But it became very tragic moment in the history of India. Everything in my country split into two parts. Even 8 times Olympic gold winning hockey team split into two parts and 5 people went to Pakistan. Government provided support for Elite people to move to the region of the country where they wanted.  But they ignored 15 million common people. Initially they all decided to stay wherever they born and brought up. But someone has started killing minority religion in some part of the country and the chain reaction started. In both parts of the country people were started killing minority religion. With in a day, 15 million people became refugees in their own country a started crossing border to the region which is unknown to them. They are the people waiting in the railway station to move other parts of the country.

A Whistling sound…The most expected train came..  But the train already filled with 10 times of capacity. But there is no way. It was the last train of united India. if they miss the  train, they might have been killed or need to live with fear always.. People in the train decided to throw out all the luggage so there would be some place for other people. Finally somehow all the people get into to the train.

The train was about to started.  From the distance, a pregnant lady was screaming.. She was almost 9th month pregnancy… She couldn’t walk. She was crying “Help me…I lost my husband and parents during the religious riot. I wanted my child to be safe Pls help me” she was crying… Some Youngster in the train helped her to get in the train. The train started.  The train was crossed the river. It was very beautiful place. But no one in the mood to enjoy the beauty.. Everyone was so sad as they are leaving the place where they born and brought up.. They were in the place for 100s of generation. About a week ago, they were were business man who owned a shop, some of the school children and some of them were students  but  now they all are refugees .. The country where they born  became enemy country and the neighbors who were very close to them became enemy..

When they train crossed Lahore…There was a huge sound.. The pregnant lady got labor pain..She was wailing.. Some people came and helped her. Finally after an hour of pain, she delivered twins. But unfortunately, one of them had born dead.

She hugged her stillborn baby and began to wail. Other people suggested to throw the dead child as the journey take another day. But that poor mother refused to do so..  She atlest wanted to do last rites.. . She got afraid whether the people might have thrown the dead child.. So she hugged her dead child… She was so tired after delivering the baby and she slept..Another set of people started getting into the  train..  Now people there decided that would be the right time to throw the dead child as mother was sleeping. But mistakenly, they thought the sleeping child which was lay down in the train was dead child and trowed out the train.. Without knowing this mother was sleeping..

Train reached to Delhi. It was August 15th 1947, Independence day of my country. There was a huge celebration. Everyone was sharing sweets and hailing Gandhi..The mother woke up and looking for her son. She asked everyone in the station… She wailed and her last hope also gone … No one was heard her wailing as everyone was busy in celebration Independence day..

It is the story of one family out of 1 million people got killed during those days. The newly formed Government was completely unequipped to deal with large scale migration and massive violence and slaughter occurs in both side of the borders. At lest 1 million people got killed and 15 million people were forced to leave their home as refugees. It was one of bloodiest even in the History. The partition of India and the creation of Pakistan in 1947 was a terrific mistake. Unfortunately, we can’t rewind history..


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