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Universal peace through Dharma and Yoga

26 Jan

Mr Toastmaster , fellow members guests..

Great Alexander tried to conqueror world to establish peace..He couldn’t do that..What is the way to establish piece through out the world.. I am sure , it can’t be done by force..I am going to give a recipe for piece from  eastern philosophical book known ad Vedas.

 Peace through Dharma and Yoga.

 What is Yoga and What is Dharma?

 Let me take a Yoga first,

 I believe, this word is most misinterpreted and became commercialized.What is commonly referred to as “yoga” can be more accurately described by the Sanskrit word asana/posture,

 Yoga is from Sanksrit language word and it is generic term for physicalmental, and spiritual disciplines which originated in ancient India

Yoga is a tool for internal peace…

There are 4 types of Yoga for physical memntal and spritual discipleins..

Karma Yoga/ Selfless work or Service to the People

Bakthi Yoga/ Unconditional love to the God and other people

Jyana Yoga/ path of knowledge to get selfcontrol and piece.

Raja Yoga/ Getting Physcal and Mental strength

Karma Yoga:

It says, selfless work or service without expecting outcome..The first step to get internal satification or piece . It says, we should help some one whom we don’t know and we don’t expecting anything from them.  We start doing this kind of activities more and more …It give more internal piece for us. Helping without expect anything.

Bhakthi Yoga:

Bhakthi Yoga means unconditional love, Love without expecting any retun ..

In today love, we love others only if other people love us.. Most of the problem start when we  start thinkingwhether other people really love me orr not..But if I stop thinks whether othr people love me or not, i am going to love uncondtionally.. We should also have same kind of love to God.. Whatever bad happen we should love god unconditionally. Some people stop worshiping god if there is problem..

ghana Yoga:

ghana Yoga:  It is a path of Knowedge to get piece. By acquiring deep knowledge about God/Universal or any subject once can build confident and self piece.It is lack of knowledge about the universal we start thinking we are big. if we start thinking how big the uiverse and our part of universe we realize how small we are..

Raja Yoga.    Raja yoga  means, it says, by having strong mind and body once can attain peace… For Strong body, There are prescried Asanas/postured which we generally call Yoga.. and Strong midn medication and Breathing teqniue are prescriped.

There are the types of yoga..

Now what is Dharma?

Dharma is for external peace.  Dharma is Way of Life.

Let say, There is Student Therma.. Student dharma says to study and gaining knowldge,  respect parents and teachers.

We have highway Dharma..  follow rules… Be on right if we are going bit slow.

Indian philasophy descried Dharma for each profession.. There is soldure Dharma.. It says, fight with enimies.. , Stop fighting if  your enemiy is weapon less or surrendered.  Don’t fight during night time.. Don’t kill your enimes from backside ..etc.. We should define our Dharma and follow at any cause in our life.

Why Dharma and Yoga is needed?

In this world, most problem are due lack of physical ,mental and spritual descipline. There are so many Gun shoooting happened.. Everytime, we are all talking about Gun Control.. But it is not Gun which is doing Mass distruction.. it is people who uses Gun.. if we control gun , they find other way to do mass distruction.. So it is not Gun Control, it is self control and physical, mental and spritual descipline required. and there is one way to get self control as per Indian philosophy.  Madam toastmaster.