A pocket laboratory

2 Apr

Madam Toastmaster ,fellow members and guests,

Do you want to build your own computer in 2 minutes?

I am a computer programmer. My life  got  changed after i got introduced with computer. I love what I am doing in my work…Let me tell when I first touched computer..

I first touched computer when I joined my master in computer application. Till then, I didn’t get chance to touch computer. In my collage  we had single computer lab where all the student  should use. We hardly get 1 or 2 hours per week. I practiced programming in paper where I only get time to type and run in front of computer. There were no enough time to think in front of computer..I was thinking that time, how it would be if computer was cheap which I could afford. But it was not happened on that time.. Now it became reality my daughter..

I am going to introduce $35 , small wonder, little pocket laboratory . The name of this device is Raspberry Pi .. It is designed and manufacturer by RaspberryPI foundation , UK.  It is not something you can eat .. it is credit card size computer that can be used for what your desktop and laptop do such as word processing, spreadsheet  playing game, listening music and playing high definition video.. The Raspberry Pi is deliciously simple, but it’s still a tasty – and cheap

This little wonder can do many things, it also help advance in technology.

what can you do using this..The Raspberry Pi is a complete system—connect a USB keyboard/mouse and a DVI/HDMI monitor to it and you are ready to go! The Linux operating system kernel and the root file system have to be present on the SD card. It support various version of linux operating system..There are predinfed software installed using that you cna create your own game…etc..You can also use play video.. browse etc..

If you are not computer geek, still you can use this as Xbox Media Center”. You can connect into your TV and watch video, listing song, display photos, browse.. You can also control the operation using free smart phone remote..You just need to change the SD card to cover this into media center. If you want to try other operation system. You just need to spend 2/3 $ where you can install .. I have 10 different SD card for different OS…

You can convert this into video streamer and lively telecast the what your DOG and CAT doing to the world 24/7.  So the opportunity is limitless.

The main important  is , it helps children to learn programming and it cost is less even schools children can buy with their pocket money.. There is a program pre-installed is scratch which is designed for children. It is very easy to create game using that.. you just need to know who to solve the puzzles.

Why children need to learn early? Are they going to make money out of it?

I bought book on Java programming 15 years before, the name of the book is ” Mastering Java in 21 days”.. But i am still reading and not master at all.. So it should take at least 10 years or 10000 hours to master in any subject. So our kids should start learning from school so that they can do something productive when the go to job.

Some people think, they can’t learn or create programming.. but you may not know what you are good at until you tried once..

Unfortintley , computer literacy means just knowing how to use..but it should be how to do something creative with computer..

I want my Kids should be technology creator not just consumer.. I can’t give my $1000 laptop and screw driver to my daughter to do research.. but i can give this $35 chip to my daughter and she can do whatever she wants.. She can do something creative.. Even after some research if she burned this , i would be happy that she learned something and buy new one..

So are you ready to buy this small wonder?

I do believe, this is the best gift you can give for your loved ones.. Please feel free to contact me if you need moredetials.



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