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Everything happens for the good

25 Mar

Do you remember that long weekend drive? You were driving a rental vehicle. No matter how hard you press the gas pedal, the speedometer doesn’t cross the 65 mph mark. A dude in his early 20s, zooms in front of you in his convertible and vanishes from your eyes, in no time. You feel bad about your inability to drive fast. You cross a few miles. You see the same convertible pulled over to the roadside. There is also a cop vehicle with glazing lights standing next to the convertible. Yes. The dude got a speeding ticket. You are happy that you weren’t able to drive fast.

We get frustrated when things do not happen the way we expect. We loose hope. But, everything in this world happens for the good. Today, I’m going to share a story from my personal life.

It was 1996, I have done 10th standard, I had 2 options After 10th standard, we had two option either continue schooling or join vocational training and get the job as soon as possible. I wanted to earn money soon.. I wanted to join vocational training in electronic ..

for timing being, have joined 11th standard,  I had a dream to became electronics engineer so wanted to pursue diploma in electronics..I was keep on applying all the government colleage… The reason is, we no need to pay anything in got the call from government collage. I was very happy.. I told my school and gave farebell party .. I was so happy that I am going to me.

I was called to interview.. me and my Father went inside..They are very happy and gave form to fill.. In th from, my father read it is “ diplamo in civil enginer” .. But I wanted to do electrical or Mechanical… I lost the hope.. I got afraid how I am going to look all my frinds. I was so disappointed. Because I missed chance to became elecirican..

So we decided to not to join.. .. I compeltd physics and joined master in computer application..

Finally I got the job which I liked now.. but never though I can do this .If i think about that incident, It was very good for my .. If i had joined there, I would have been working in Mechanical shop in India daily wages.. I would have missed the chance of exploring the world and interact witht he peple with other cutlre..

So, Ladies & Gentlemen,


The next time you miss a flight, the next time you loose a job  or loose your girld frined. or boy friend.-

. Be patient and don’t loose your hope. There is something better that waits for you in the future. “Everything happens for the good”.