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Moral of the story- Try again

5 May

Have you seen a kid that was successful when trying to stand for the first time? Kids fall several times when learning to stand. But, they never give up … they try again & again … and finally, succeed one day. When we were kids, we never gave up. But, as we grew, we indent to give up so soon.

Today, I’m going to share a real story… the story of the person who succeeded in his life just because “He tried once more and didn’t give up”.


There was a boy and his mother lived in small village. They had one cow and their lives depend upon the milk from the cow. His father passed away when he was doing school.  it was his mother who run the family by selling cow’s milk. Every day both mom and son get up early in the morning and go to near by street to sell milk. Their lives were going on peacefully.  One day, there was decease spread and their only cow died. Their only source of income was gone. They were so sad but not disappointed. but he couldn’t continue schooling.  he joined in tea shop as a tea boy.. Tea boy is a person who get tea from tea shop for deliver near by grocery shop..

All his friends joined collage near to his shop. When he go out if he suppose to see any of his friends .. He use to hide and come out only after they crossed the road. He wanted to study .. But his financial circumstance not allowed.. Night time, he joined type writing class and passed all exam… One day, he saw his friends coming, as usual he hide near by and waited till they cross the street. It took much time and the tea get cold.. As it cold the grocery shop people returned the tea.. the tea shop owner get angry and fired him. He was so sad..

As he stopped going to his type writing class, his type instate teacher asker his whether his is willing to work in his training institute. He accepted offer since the instate is 5 miles in his place. He applied bank loan and buy a new bicycle.. he was so happy as he could buy cycle in his salary. One day after  he came back, his cycle was missing someone stolen the cycle. He cried.. By seeing this the teacher gave his cycle to him..


He got a temporary leave vacancy post as a typewriter. He was very happy but that job was only 2months. He was writing all the exam and finally go selected state government job… finally he got the job before all his friends. he   married to women and got 2 kids. He wanted  his sons to achieve what he can’t.  He sold his wife’s jewels and used all his savings.. He spend money to make his sons degree


I have known this milkman for “many many” years. He is a person that I respect. He is my inspiration. I have the privilege of calling this grocer my “Dad”. Yes, the milkman is none other than my father.

If my father had given up after his failures, I may not be standing in front of you today delivering this speech. I may be cleaning empty coffee cups in a restaurant.
I am grateful and thankful to my father for the valuable lesson he taught me.

So, ladies & gentlemen, whenever you face failures in life, “Don’t give up… Try again”.

Think about some of your greatest achievements in life. You achieved them because you worked hard; you continuously fought against failures & you never gave up.

Now, I want you all to repeat what I say, “I’ll never give up … no matter what… I’ll try again and again, until I succeed”.