The Next big Thing

20 Aug

Mr, Toastmaster, fellow members and guests,


Internet Of Thinks
For past 10 years, whether my earning was increasing or not, my hip size was keep on increasing. Almost every year I have to buy new pants. This year also I bought but smaller size.. First time in my lifetime my size gets reduced to 32 from 36.
Thanks to this device. This device name is fit bit.. It measures my daily footsteps, calories burned, sleeping pattern and hours and send to internet via Bluetooth. From February, I am wearing this and I know exactly how many steps I walked and together I walked around 1500 miles.
It started when my company started initiative called Commit2Fit and gave this device for 100 participants and they have also start giving some gift who ever come top in walking. Over 23 weeks, we all collectively walked 100,214 miles! Essentially, yes together we walk around the world 4 times. During this journey, we all collectively lost 1,426 pounds!
Now I feel very active. My wife used to complain that I was not doing any exercise. But now she is complaining I became addict on walking..
If we use the technology properly, I will help to improve our life style. What is the feature of technology.. Where are we heading.. The feature belongs to wearable device and internet of things.. What is wearable device..
Internet of things.
Internet of things is something where day today device get connected and get advantage of internet resources. Let me tell one example, We all have sprinkler system in our home. It works in simple formula where house is connected with manual clock and based on the time, it open the hose and get water..
Think about the scenario, if it was already raining or if it is going to be rain in 1 hour.. The modern sprinkler which is connected to internet check soils level and get the data from and switch on sprinkler based on the data.. Sound interesting.. yes.. Everything in the world can be re-invented.. some of thing seem to unnecessary or funny but. like the toaster..
WHO created? Google, Apple, Amazon. Most of the product created by common man.. After internet came in , there is a emerging pattern is sharing the knowledge as free.. There is no cost attached for knowledge and everything is free.
The innovation also followed some pattern.. Some people post the blog of his idea.. People start responding and some body created prototype. Then if you want to make big things.. Create a nice video and post it in crowdfunding kickstarter.. Where you can pledge that you create device and deliver in 1 year..if all people ready, they buy it for u, you will get money and custome .. then start build stuff.
There is no pattern involveed , No venture capitalize.. So get funding may not be the big probem.. then how to make actual product.. There is a solution.You no need to buy all equipment you want.. You can go to the techshop there is one in Chandler where they have all equipment to make everything. 3d PRINTER, cnc, laser cut, water jet what you want.. you just need to pay $70 per month to use all the equipment.. Sound interested.. They also teach lession and give certificate to use that equipment.
We know there emerging pattern, where we can build everything locally. There is lot of room for new innovation.. Now what we want .. we need to know how to make makers? how to raise our children to make something..

if you have idea , you can make it rellity.. 3d printers are available form $300..
I do suggest to start with hackerclub in library.. Most of the library has free accesst to 3d printer…
There are many maker club available. Once u lear basic, you can also join techshop and start making actual stuff.
Everything can be re-invented. We are designed to not just use things.. but to design and make things.. Never in the history we have knowledge in reosur to do things in home..
The future is belog to desinger, story teller, and maker..
Happy making..
Now I can answer your question related to maker moveme,wearable device, internet of things or techshop. Thanks




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