Daily – New year resolutions

4 Jan
  1. Mediation for 9 minutes per day
  2. Weekly goal review on Wednesday
  3. Write 3 grateful things
  4. Appreciate at least 3 people
  5. 13 Suryanamaskar
  6. 3SRB for 7 minutes
  7. Run for 10 minutes in Morning
  8. Affirmation; Self talk everyday to motivate
  9. Read books everyday Morning
  10. Write something everyday morning
  11. Get Rejected once in a day
  12. Sleep by 10:30 and wake up by 6
  13. Play sports atlest 2 time per week
  14. Talk to new people everyday
  15. Identify bad habits and try to get ride once a month
  16. Learn soemthing new which I dont knowbefore
  17. Work on pomodoro
  18. Check mail/watsup/social media for fixed time.. Not always
  19. Do solve problem daily.
  20. Reach 10000 steps

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