Universal peace through Dharma and Yoga

26 Jan

Mr Toastmaster , fellow members guests..

Great Alexander tried to conqueror world to establish peace..He couldn’t do that..What is the way to establish piece through out the world.. I am sure , it can’t be done by force..I am going to give a recipe for piece from  eastern philosophical book known ad Vedas.

 Peace through Dharma and Yoga.

 What is Yoga and What is Dharma?

 Let me take a Yoga first,

 I believe, this word is most misinterpreted and became commercialized.What is commonly referred to as “yoga” can be more accurately described by the Sanskrit word asana/posture,

 Yoga is from Sanksrit language word and it is generic term for physicalmental, and spiritual disciplines which originated in ancient India

Yoga is a tool for internal peace…

There are 4 types of Yoga for physical memntal and spritual discipleins..

Karma Yoga/ Selfless work or Service to the People

Bakthi Yoga/ Unconditional love to the God and other people

Jyana Yoga/ path of knowledge to get selfcontrol and piece.

Raja Yoga/ Getting Physcal and Mental strength

Karma Yoga:

It says, selfless work or service without expecting outcome..The first step to get internal satification or piece . It says, we should help some one whom we don’t know and we don’t expecting anything from them.  We start doing this kind of activities more and more …It give more internal piece for us. Helping without expect anything.

Bhakthi Yoga:

Bhakthi Yoga means unconditional love, Love without expecting any retun ..

In today love, we love others only if other people love us.. Most of the problem start when we  start thinkingwhether other people really love me orr not..But if I stop thinks whether othr people love me or not, i am going to love uncondtionally.. We should also have same kind of love to God.. Whatever bad happen we should love god unconditionally. Some people stop worshiping god if there is problem..

ghana Yoga:

ghana Yoga:  It is a path of Knowedge to get piece. By acquiring deep knowledge about God/Universal or any subject once can build confident and self piece.It is lack of knowledge about the universal we start thinking we are big. if we start thinking how big the uiverse and our part of universe we realize how small we are..

Raja Yoga.    Raja yoga  means, it says, by having strong mind and body once can attain peace… For Strong body, There are prescried Asanas/postured which we generally call Yoga.. and Strong midn medication and Breathing teqniue are prescriped.

There are the types of yoga..

Now what is Dharma?

Dharma is for external peace.  Dharma is Way of Life.

Let say, There is Student Therma.. Student dharma says to study and gaining knowldge,  respect parents and teachers.

We have highway Dharma..  follow rules… Be on right if we are going bit slow.

Indian philasophy descried Dharma for each profession.. There is soldure Dharma.. It says, fight with enimies.. , Stop fighting if  your enemiy is weapon less or surrendered.  Don’t fight during night time.. Don’t kill your enimes from backside ..etc.. We should define our Dharma and follow at any cause in our life.

Why Dharma and Yoga is needed?

In this world, most problem are due lack of physical ,mental and spritual descipline. There are so many Gun shoooting happened.. Everytime, we are all talking about Gun Control.. But it is not Gun which is doing Mass distruction.. it is people who uses Gun.. if we control gun , they find other way to do mass distruction.. So it is not Gun Control, it is self control and physical, mental and spritual descipline required. and there is one way to get self control as per Indian philosophy.  Madam toastmaster.



The Last Train

5 Nov

About 60 years ago, in 1947, August 14th, thousands of people were waiting in the Railway station in Lahore, Pakistan. They are crying and screaming. They all look so afraid.. The situations there were really so wired.. They all were waiting for the last train. Who were they? Why are they waiting for the train?

Mr. Toastmaster, fellow members and Guests,

It was the day my country split into two parts and two countries were founded on the basis of religion. Pakistan as an Islamic state and India as secular one. The next day would be the freedom of my country from 350 years of British presence. It should be the happy moment.. But it became very tragic moment in the history of India. Everything in my country split into two parts. Even 8 times Olympic gold winning hockey team split into two parts and 5 people went to Pakistan. Government provided support for Elite people to move to the region of the country where they wanted.  But they ignored 15 million common people. Initially they all decided to stay wherever they born and brought up. But someone has started killing minority religion in some part of the country and the chain reaction started. In both parts of the country people were started killing minority religion. With in a day, 15 million people became refugees in their own country a started crossing border to the region which is unknown to them. They are the people waiting in the railway station to move other parts of the country.

A Whistling sound…The most expected train came..  But the train already filled with 10 times of capacity. But there is no way. It was the last train of united India. if they miss the  train, they might have been killed or need to live with fear always.. People in the train decided to throw out all the luggage so there would be some place for other people. Finally somehow all the people get into to the train.

The train was about to started.  From the distance, a pregnant lady was screaming.. She was almost 9th month pregnancy… She couldn’t walk. She was crying “Help me…I lost my husband and parents during the religious riot. I wanted my child to be safe Pls help me” she was crying… Some Youngster in the train helped her to get in the train. The train started.  The train was crossed the river. It was very beautiful place. But no one in the mood to enjoy the beauty.. Everyone was so sad as they are leaving the place where they born and brought up.. They were in the place for 100s of generation. About a week ago, they were were business man who owned a shop, some of the school children and some of them were students  but  now they all are refugees .. The country where they born  became enemy country and the neighbors who were very close to them became enemy..

When they train crossed Lahore…There was a huge sound.. The pregnant lady got labor pain..She was wailing.. Some people came and helped her. Finally after an hour of pain, she delivered twins. But unfortunately, one of them had born dead.

She hugged her stillborn baby and began to wail. Other people suggested to throw the dead child as the journey take another day. But that poor mother refused to do so..  She atlest wanted to do last rites.. . She got afraid whether the people might have thrown the dead child.. So she hugged her dead child… She was so tired after delivering the baby and she slept..Another set of people started getting into the  train..  Now people there decided that would be the right time to throw the dead child as mother was sleeping. But mistakenly, they thought the sleeping child which was lay down in the train was dead child and trowed out the train.. Without knowing this mother was sleeping..

Train reached to Delhi. It was August 15th 1947, Independence day of my country. There was a huge celebration. Everyone was sharing sweets and hailing Gandhi..The mother woke up and looking for her son. She asked everyone in the station… She wailed and her last hope also gone … No one was heard her wailing as everyone was busy in celebration Independence day..

It is the story of one family out of 1 million people got killed during those days. The newly formed Government was completely unequipped to deal with large scale migration and massive violence and slaughter occurs in both side of the borders. At lest 1 million people got killed and 15 million people were forced to leave their home as refugees. It was one of bloodiest even in the History. The partition of India and the creation of Pakistan in 1947 was a terrific mistake. Unfortunately, we can’t rewind history..

Eureka Moment

24 Sep

Madam Toastmaster, fellow members and guest,
What is your very first creative moment, aha moment, eureka moment you remember?Tonight I am going to talk about my first eureka moment in my life which I felt I achieved something..

When I was 12 year old, i was studying 7th grade, during my summer vacation, one of my friend joined 1 month crash course where they thought ‘how to repair Radio’. I was very much interested to join that course.. When I asked my father, he denied saying that he can’t pay the fees.  Then somehow I convinced him and joined that course. I learned the basic electronics for a Month.  After that, I decided to build my own radio as we didn’t have radio in our home. My grandmother sponsor money and I bought all the small things required to build radio. It cam be around 150 rupees which is around $3. I almost worked for month in soldering and assembling each part. Finally,  After a month of great struggle, when i heard the first voice came from the radio which I built, I was so happy and didn’t have the words to tell how much happy i was.. .. That was the first Eureka moment i felt first time in my life.. Not only me, my entire family very happy. My grand mother called almost all the neighbors to show the radio… Though I was not invented anything new and i just follow the instruction and build the Radio. Somehow I felt I have done something worthwhile and I showed all my friends.
I spent enormous amount of time and as much money required to buy new radio in shop. But i felt something special about that .and I used to listen Radio more. Still my parents are using the Radio which I created.

After that, I was quit popular in my school as “Radio Mechanic”. My friends and relatives asked me to built radio for them .Every time when I built something .. I felt very happy and felt Aha moment..

Believe me the Smartphone which i have purchased never gave the happy than the less than $3 worth Radio which I created.When my 5 year old dauguther wanted to use computer to play game. I want to give some tool which she can use and do something creatilvy.  As a electronics geek, I bought a this mini computer chip, Name of this chip is Raspberry PI. It is just $25. .  I installed Linux operating system  in the card and insert the card in this chip. We connected connect monitor, keyboard, mouse and power cable and it works perfectly. I connected internet and installed some games and gave it to my daughter.. It is not as much powerful as apple or windows laptop and it gave the  happiness of building my own computer and I started using this more than my powerful laptop..

I want to my daughter use this half packed product and use her skill and give better result. Yes,, When I though how to use computer to my daughter  and I said computer is in every field and doing all the work.. Without thinking further, she asked. Dad, do this computer feed my cat and fish. :).  I didn’t expect that question.. Then, I said yes. it will if we guide how to do that.. We started project…

By using this Cardboard, ultrasonic sensor to find distance between object and this small motor we built a pet feeder which open close when the cat came close by..

My daughter is very happy as her computer can feed her Cat. She started showing this to all her friend and she was very happy because this was her idea to feed cat.. I saw she exited lot and see the eureka moment in her eyes.. We also did change to feed fish daily and we don’t need to worry about the fish if we were out for vacation.

We need to create things, When we don’t create things just using things created by other, we become defined by out tastes rather than ability.. I strongly believe, ability is much more important than taste…

Finally this my 10th speech, Never in my life I imaged i can come up with something original in writing.. In last 10 speeches, whenever i complete writing speeches, I felt the eureka moment and had a feeling I achieved something. So create something new, hack something, write something   and feel the Eureka moment…

Shop small

8 Aug

Shop Small..

Presentation used in this speech:


Mr, Toastmaster, fellow members and guest,

About a month ago.. Early morning, My wife was serving hot tea and she looked very happy..I have asked what’s spl.. She showed a new paper article which said Indian government cleared a bill which allows 100% foreign investment in multi brand retail sector. The underline is ,it  allows WalMart ,Tesco and other mutinational shop to open retail shop in India.  Yes..Already  in India, we have a WalMart but only in wholesale  not in Retail. She was fed up with buying in small shop and  badly wanted WallMart in India. So WalMart is going to come to India in few years.. Is it good or bad for India?  First, Is Walmart really good for America? So many questions came up.

In July 2, 1962 — exactly 50 years ago today — Sam Walton opened the very first Walmart store in Rogers, Ark.  He  may not know that time that he  was laying foundation of a very successful institution that would reshape not just the retail industry but the United states of  America .

Walmart is the world third largest private employer — only the U.S. Department of Defense and China’s People’s Liberation Army employ more people than Walmart. Its 2.1 million–plus workers .

There are another 95 countries with populations smaller than the wallmart’s  workforce.

Each week, more than 140 million Americans shop at Walmart,a figure that far surpasses the audience of the 2012 Super Bowl or the voter turnout of the 2008 presidential election.

Walmart’s revenue — $443 billion for the latest fiscal year — is comparable to that of some of the world’s largest oil companies, it blows away its nearest retail competitors. Target’s latest fiscal year revenue was just shy of $70 billion

The average U.S. family now spends more than $4000 a year at Wal-Mart.

if Walmart were a country, it would be the 25th largest economy in the world.

Wal-Mart imported from China  $27 billion which is 10% US import from China.

For WalMart , Customer and Shareholders are king and they are doing everything for them.

Being supplier with Walmart is very difficult and it constantly negotiate with price.As one of the supplier mentioned, being supplier is two way sward.

WalMart proved that outsourcing to China was not only possible, but highly profitable, and many other retailers were compelled to do likewise in order to compete.

Due to wallmart pressure, suppliers were forced to move their manufacture in other countries..and currently virtually all the products are manufactured in other countries like Chinia, Inida, Mexico,  pakistan. Virtuall so many jobs moved out..

Let me tell my experince with WalMart.. I love shopping in Walmart and really saves money due to that.. I usually buy groceries in WalMart but Vegitables in Frys or Elrancho which seems to be cheaper for me.. But my wife told me that we can buy  anything in WalMart with  same price others offiers..  i couldn’t beleive, .. but that is true.. You can get the any Ad. which shows the price and u can get the same price.. We went WalMart and my wife decided the price for each fruit and vigeitbale by showing ad..Defently it is big loss for Walmart but it also kill the competitors .

Due to this , WalMart will force the Formers to reduce the price.. and Formers expect more subsidery from Government.. So all the burdern goes to Government.. Already US government pays $100 billion dollar subsidy to farmers..

Retailing in India is one of the pillars of its economy and accounts for about 15 per cent of its GDP.

After Agriculture it is the largest sector, which employs the largest number of people in India. The Indian retail market is estimated to be US $450 billion

It is estimated that India’s retail organised industry, employs directly about 40 million Indians..Being self employed, most of the engaged in trade with their families , so the livelihood of some 120 million pople depend on this sector which 1/8 of India’s population.

It  is estimated that, the average Walmart store will displace 11,200 people and replace them with 285 people.

WallMart and other big retailer will first buy goods from producers in bulk and sell it at less margin and hence routing out small traders from trades. When small traders are out then they will monopolise the trade and charge high price for goods and commodities. Independent stores will close, leading to massive job losses.We have seen this in the case of the soft drinks industry in India.

My uncle owned a small soft drinks industry , there were 1000 of small soft drink before Pepse and Coke came in.. When Pepsi started, they literally gave the cool drinks for free and wiped out all the small players. My uncle was banckrupted and now working as a daily wages in small company. Now we have only 2 brands Pese and Coke.

At Wal-Mart, the customer is king, everyone else be damned: competitors, employees, and the domestic manufacturing base.

Everything Wal-Mart does—particularly its low prices—. And every day, millions of peoples ratify Wal-Mart’s strategy by shopping there. WalMart doesn’t  kill economies,  it is we, the consumers do…Be it in Inida or USA, so to keep competition alive, to keep econmy growth ,  support small business.

When you buy in small shop, you are not helping a CEO to buy third vacation home , but you are helping litter girl to join dance class and mom put food on the table , a dad pay mortage and little boy pay the tution fees.

Your small purchase can make big different. So pledge to buy in small shop.


Why were we defeated?

4 Jun

Mr. Toastmaster, fellow members and Guests,

I am the first generation in my family who born in Independent India.  We were under foreign rule for around 800 years. The one question which keeps bugging me was why such a big country was under foreign occupation?

To understand this, we need to go back 800 years ago when the first foreign invasion happened.

Prithviraj was the king who ruled Delhi, and northern part of India on late 12th century, 800 years ago. He had a love with the girl Samyuka who is daughter of neighborhood king Jai Rathod. Jai and Prithivraj were rivals but Samyukta eloped with Prithivraj. This incident led to a rift between the two kingdoms. That was the situation in India.

In that time, Muhammad Ghori, an Afghan king, leading an army of 100,000 men, invaded India through the Khyber Pass and was successfully reached Delhi.  Mohammad Ghori army was so motivated to expand religious through out the world. Hearing this Prithviraj got angry and requested support from all neighborhood kings. But Raja Jai Rathod denied support for him. Prithvraj confronted Ghori with very big army of 100,000 solders, they both fought and it was very tuff fight between the two armies. Suddenly there was a screaming and all the soldiers of Ghori army ran out the battle field.  Yes. Prithivraj introduced his powerful game changer army unit; elephant cavalry contains 3000 war elephants.  Elephants were running fast and just smashed the Ghori armies. Most of the horses and horsemen got killed.  Ghori army was seeing elephant first time and they thought elephant were evil creature and ran out of the battlefield. Pritviraj won the battle and arrested Ghori as a prisoner.

Ghori was presented in front of Prithviraj.  Ghori begged for mercy and release. Prithviraj, who was renowned for his sense of honor, respectfully released Ghori against the advice of his ministers.

Ghori rode toAfghanistan, and then returned to India with much stronger army. Again he got defeated. He came again and again and got defected for 16 times. On 17th time, Ghori got support from Prithvraj rival Jai Rathod and they both attached Prithviraj Army.

Both armies were fighting. In between the fight, Ghori has sent peace agreement and asking release for all the captured soldiers in both sides. After this Pritvraj army was so relaxed, and they wanted peace after continues fighting. In that time, mid night, knowing the fact that Indian never fought war in night time . Ghori army started attacking and he could sneak the town and started killing innocent civilians.

Ghori divided his troops into five parts and attacked in the midnight, sending waves of mounted archers to confront elephant army. Prithvraj got very angry and he led he army and decided to kill Ghori this time but that was too late. He was surrounded with Ghori’s Army.  First his horse got killed.. Prithvraj got attached from backside and he was collapsed. .Ghori army captured Prithviraj .

Ghori ordered his soldiers to loot the country and destroy the entire palace and other religious places. They started killing civilians. Ghori heard about the beauty of the queen, Samuktha and he wanted to abduct her. Hearing this news of defeat, Sanyuktha and other ladies in the palace committed suicide by throwing themselves in holy fire.

Mohammad Ghori took the captured Prithviraj back with him to Ghazni, his capital in Afghan,as a prisoner.  Prithiviraj was presented before Muhammad where he looked Ghori straight into the eye. Ghori ordered him to lower his eyes,/ whereupon a Prithiviraj told him he wanted to be treated how he had treated Ghori as a prisoner. On hearing this, Ghori got angry and ordered that Prithviraj’s eyes be burnt with red hot iron rods yes.. that was being done , Prithviraj  became blind. Prithviraj wanted to die but he was regularly brought to the court and humiliated  by Ghori and his ministers. He want to take revenge..

He got an opportunity when Ghori announced a game of Archery .Prithviraj, who was then at court said he would also like to participate.. On hearing his request,, the everyone laughted on him and as he couldn’t see the things. But Prithvi raj said , he have skills to hit the target by just hearing the sounds where it is come from …The game started.Bellrang and Prithviraj targeted the object where the sound came from. By seeing this , Ghori got surprised and said, warewah, sabash..Immedlity Prithiviraj turned the direction where the Ghori sound came from  and struck Ghori neck with his arrow. To avoid further humiliation at the hands of his army, Prithviraj cut his neck using one of the arrow and committed suicide.

That was end of the story..The defeat of Prithviraj also marked the end of Indian rule inDelhi. From then on, until the Indian republic was formed in 1947,Delhiwas dominated by foreign rulers.

Yes. We were defeated. We didn’t loose to foreign invaders because we were inferior. We lost because we were so civilized and we fought the war based on set of war rules which we framed. But when the opposition barbarian army attached us without any rule than just killing innocents and expanding their religion, we had difficulties to understand and handle them and we lost.

Together Forever!

8 May

Together Forever!

Mr, Toastmaster, fellow members and guests..

First Slide: Marriage In India.

It looks funny if I tell my parents chosed  my wife for me. Not only that, more than 90% of marriage are arranged by parents in india… Believe me, my parents spend 2  years to find “sutiable” girl for me!..

Today I am going to talk what is marriage in India  I married with most beautiful, intelligent, caring and loving women.. thanks to my parents.. if I were to choose or love some one to get marry, i wouldn’t get marrry till now..

Today I am going to show the steps involved in Marriage in India ..

Horoscope: Phase 1

Any guest what is this? This is a  Horoscope which was created based on time of my birth.. birth location..

Believe me this is the main factor to decide your partner in India..  The time I was born, even the very second plays a role in wedding. If I could have been born a few minutes earlier or later, i may not married to the same person as the horoscope may not match.

Matching horoscope

Matching bride and groom horoscope is essential in arrange marriage.

It is very big industry in india.. there are lot of software available now.. There are 10 matching .. To get married atlest 8 out of 10 should match.. but some of the match are fatal..if that doesn’t maatch, no marriage.. We can compare this as DMV test.. some of the error are fatal . I  you do that , you wont be getting licence..I have good expericne on this as i failed 2 times in driving test in Connecticut!

Though I am not beliving horscope, i had to follow because of my parents wanted..


Generelly there is saying,  Indians wont’ spend much.. but that won’t fit for Marriage..For marriage poeple will spend like anything. Indian marriage industry is estimated worth of Rs 1,25,000 crore (Rs 1,250 billion) the Indian wedding industry is getting bigger and fatter

Marriage is biggest festivals..Weddings are always a happy thing, they are crowded, colorful, and yummy, In  My marriage more than

2000 people are invited.. very big hall. We arranged breakfast lunch dinner for all for 2 days..

Holy fire & Marriage vows:

On marriage day,The bride and groom are seated in front of a holy fire and the priest recites various religious sayings from the Holy scriptures.

Groom tie the knot to bride.. It is a sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by women as a symbol of their marriage.

After then, the couple walks around the fire four times exchanging vows of duty and love, respect and a fruitful union. According to the Hindu religion, fire is considered the sustainer of life

Marriage vows go like this..”We shall share love, share the same food, share our strengths, share the same tastes. We shall be of one mind, . I shall be the Samaveda, you the Rigveda, I shall be the Upper World, you the Earth; “

How it works?

I am not going to talk about advantage of this kind of arriage marriage or love marriage but the concept behind this..

1, You can love anyone and can stay together

2, It is not chemistry, but commitment to stay together make the marriage lif longer and happier

   My parents s are north vs south pole  .. they wouldn’t get married if they need to love.. but they married start their life iwht fighting and misunderstanding.. but they are fully commited to be together.. after the priod of time the love start increasing.. now around 40 years of married life.. they are made for each other.. they can’t stay apart. My mom is interested to visit US.. but my father not.. When I invited them to come US and visit this placne..but my mom denied and said , she can’t stay without my dad..

I think,that we are the last generation of people whose marriages are arranged by parents in India. In few decades this system will be antique, and our weddings will be stories of fascination.

On the other side, the world has sophisticated so much where wedding is a subject of choice. You get to choose the person, gender of your wedding. Even better you have the choice tonot marry at all, So we are also moving to the world..

The two different worlds before me are obvious; and I always feel like I am “IN BETWEEN”.  Ilove both the worlds equally, to ignore one for the other.

Fainllly,  marriage is a gamble and the key to a successful one is faith, keep believing that youhave the best hand.

Spiritual Fitness

19 Mar


Any Guess, What did i do now? Yoga? No. This is the way , we pray our Elephant Face God.. Looks funny..

Mr. Toastmaster, Fellow members and Guests..

Every Individual is unique in character.  As like Individual, as a country, every country has some unique character and without that that country can’t live with.

I would say, forAmericathat may be Capitalism and It French it may be Socialism. In my country, the unique is spiritualism. Spiritualism is not just part of life in Easter Philosophy but it is way of life. Everything from Marriage, parenting, economy and fitness is one or other way mixed with religious belief. Today I am going to talk about how Fitness is mixed with Religious belief.

InIndia, wherever you see a mountain you can see temple in top of that. It was built there for that reason that people go there to pray a God and they will be healthy and they are doing hiking. But now the intention was subverted and government build road to reach there easy..

Even some of the mountains are considered sacred and people walk around the mountain. As per Hindu belief, circle around the God statue is more sacred.  If you go the full moon night, you can see thousands of people walk around the mountain.

My grandfather used to say he was healthy only because he was visiting temple daily. Let me explain what he does in temple. You will get to know why he is healthy. There are at lest 10 big temple in my town which was built at lest 1500 years ago and the temple are so strong even now. My grandfather used to visit temple after praying he walk around the temple that would be around 1 mile.  He used walk 3 times.  In temple, there are around 12/15 Gods.  Each time he see the God he used to do like this..

When I was studying school, I used to go to temple with my Mom. She used to pray the God and walking like this. Feet/by Feet and she advised me to do on Exam day, so that I will get good score on Exam…. Walking like this won’t make u tired but it take much time…believe me that worked. Instead of hitting books on that day, I spent walking around temple feet by feet and it gave relaxation.

You may heard about the symbol Ohm.. Some people asked me what is the meaning and I heard many meaning on that. But I believe, Saying Ohm is very good breathing exercise…You can’t just say ohm.. It should be said like. One of my uncle is Atheist and he never go to temple but he used to say ohm daily as a breathing exercise…

My uncle though me how to pray sun God when I was studying and I have been doing from then. Let me demonstrate you how to do that…

I use to do like this 24 times daily.

In my childhood, I followed all these habits… But I started rebelling my teen age by asking so many questions. But now I am thinking, if it is good for health why can’t just do without thinking about god after all I am not losing anything.